Why know your “Big Why”?

What difference could it make to your success if you were comfortable speaking in public? The whole purpose of Speak Out, Girlfriend!™ is to help women (and a few good men!) to overcome any fear or reluctance you have about speaking in public, so you can use this important skill to attract your clients and grow your success.

That’s why I’m beginning a new series in my blog: The Speak Out, Girlfriend! System of 9 Steps to Get from Fearful to Fabulous.™ These are the same steps we’ll be working on in the 2014 New Year’s ReVolution Teleclass – Transform Your Fears; Attract Your Clients; Grow Your Success! (Click here to check it out!) Today, and for the next few blogs, I’ll introduce you to each of the steps and offer a way to implement them on your own.

Why Green?

Why Green?

Step One: Set Your Intention – Know Your “Big Why”

This is the very first step in overcoming any fear or resistance to doing something new and challenging for ourselves…like speaking in public to grow our success.

I’d like to use a simple example to explain this step. I call it “The Battle of the Green Smoothies.”

Does anyone out there ever find it difficult to “do the healthy thing” – whether we’re talking exercise, enough sleep…or especially, eating enough greens? Well I’ve struggled with this my whole adult life. Every time I tried to start a new habit that was “good for me,” I’d be gung ho for a few weeks (days?) and then the “I don’t wanna” battle would start. And I’d pretty much just give up.

I thought I was making progress in the eating healthy area when I went to a workshop on Green Smoothies. I fell in love with the Nutribullet (so much easier to use and clean than a blender, and no, I don’t make any commission telling you about this!) and I actually enjoyed the taste of the fruity/veggie concoction. For about a week, I made a green smoothie every morning.

Then came the familiar battle cry…”I don’t wanna make a green smoothie!” Once again, something “good for me” had gone from a “want to” to a “have to.” When that happens, it feels like nothing is more important than freedom…even if it’s the freedom NOT to take care of myself.

But this time I did not want to give up. I really wanted to work this through.


Because for the first time in my life, I was really clear about the BIG WHY for finally eating more healthfully: I’m 68 years old. Given the history of longevity in my family, I probably will be around for at least another 25 years. I WANT to be strong, vigorous, healthy, and able to dance until my last day! I can taste that desire; I can feel it in my bones. I think about it every day. I imagine what my life will be like as a strong, vigorous, dancing 90-year-old broad! And sometimes, I imagine what it would be like if I’m not.

That’s why I’m willing to face this battle. And you can become willing to face yours.

Ask yourself: What is my BIG WHY for overcoming my fear of speaking in public – (or any other fear that’s holding you back from your success? )
What will my life be like if I overcome this fear?
What new value, benefits, good times will I enjoy if I do?
What will my life be like if I don’t overcome this fear?

Write down your answers, putting in as many details as you can. Make your picture come alive. Let it move you from deep within yourself. That movement will help you get started on this amazing journey

Knowing my BIG WHY is the first step in overcoming fear or reluctance to do something we want to do, like speaking in public. But if the fear is long-standing and has kept us blocked for a while, it’s not the only step we need to take.

Next time, in Chapter Two of The Battle of the Green Smoothies, we’ll explore Steps Two and Three: Sit in the Moment, and See What’s Getting in the Way. Hope to “see” you there!

Much love and many blessings,



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