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Why know your “Big Why”?

What difference could it make to your success if you were comfortable speaking in public? The whole purpose of Speak Out, Girlfriend!™ is to help women (and a few good men!) to overcome any fear or reluctance you have about speaking in public, so you can use this important skill to attract your clients and …

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Build your confidence by getting things “wrong” first!

I used to think that confidence would come when I could get everything to go right, and get myself to do everything perfectly. And of course I never could, so my confidence would come and go. Then I learned something from my dying Fall mum plant. I’ve often described myself as having a brown thumb; …

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Nourish Yourself and Your Business Through Community Connections

How often do you feel overwhelmed, drained, discouraged by work? Not enough hours in the day? Need a vacation? Well it might sound very strange to speak of relieving these feelings by adding something to your life, but let me explain! A week ago, on Friday, I was preparing for a very full weekend. I …

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