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Introducing a new series:

The GoldStar Magic!  Book and Family Pen-Pal Kit™ helps children build their self-esteem – and get closer to loving adults who live elsewhere – one story at a time. Book One in the series, NoraLee’s Adventures on Planet Ifwee, tells the story of a little girl who takes an interplanetary voyage to learn how to connect with her own heart  – and family – right here on earth.



The Gold Star Magic! Book and Family Pen-Pal Kit™  offers a really cool way to use reading, story-telling, music and first class mail to help children get closer to loving adults who live elsewhere – as well as build their self-esteem – one story at a time! The kit is built around NoraLee’s Adventures on Planet Ifwee, a delightfully illustrated, 32 page book about a little girl who hates doing her chores, misses her grandparents, and learns how to use GoldStar Magic! to solve both these challenges. It also includes:

  • Two-Way Postal Cards™ and sealers for children & loving adults to tell their stories.
  • Lots of Gold Stars.
  • A link to download The Ifwee Song!“

NoraLee hates doing chores, and misses her grandparents. On Planet Ifwee, she meets folks like Robinia Clarinda Gazaundry who helps her dad with the family laundry. NoraLee learns to do something because she cares, give herself gold stars because she feels so proud, and tell her grandparents so they can be proud too. She uses the magical Two-Way Postal Cards™ to tell the stories of her accomplishments to her grandparents, and get back their encouraging responses through the US Mail. The Kit also includes an mp3 link to the Ifwee Song by Terry and Jan Nigro of Vitamin L Children’s Chorus.

Here is Terry’s character, Nana Goldie, to tell you more about NoraLee’s story and Gold Star Magic!

Click here to view two sample pages from NoraLee’s Adventures!


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Ask Nana Goldie Family Playshops™
The Fun Way to Learn about GoldStar Magic

In this lively, interactive experience, former teaching nun, author, actor (and grandmother!) Terry Nicholetti, is Nana Goldie, a fun, hip, singing grandmother who will show you and your family how to:

  •     choose which chores matter, and do those because you ALL care
  •     encourage children to feel really proud and give themselves gold stars
  •    help children use these experiences to get connected with grown-ups they love who live elsewhere -through the US   mail!

Click here to download a one-pager about the Ask Nana Goldie Family Playshops

For more information and to schedule an Ask Nana Goldie Playshop™ email Terry: [email protected] or call 202-302-2403.

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