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Why choose Terry to light up your event?

Lots of people speak about communication and networking. As a former teaching nun, now an actor, author and speaking coach with thirty years experience in sales and marketing, I bring a unique combination of the artist and the entrepreneur to my work.


Whether your attendees want to increase sales, improve business and personal relationships and communication, or simply experience more joy in their lives, you will find a topic to make them glad they attended your event.


I believe that a successful, productive and happy life is possible when we come to know who we truly are, combine that knowledge with some tried-and-true skills, and take that whole package to the marketplace of life. That’s how we find  the passion we need to take positive action in our lives!


Using humor and stories of mt own healing and learning experiences, I engage my audience at a deep level, While inspiring members to connect with their authentic selves, I also teaches specific skills they can use at work and at home.

I have three special areas of expertise, helping clients to:

  • Overcome your fears and speak out from your brilliance.
  • Connect authentically with customers and colleagues, whether one-on-one or in groups  –  and bring home the cash.
  • Use mindfulness to connect with your own inner wisdom and creative source energy, relieve stress, and improve focus.

Here’s what one expert has to say about Terry:

“I have delivered over 2,500 presentations, am a presentation skills coach and I have seen and worked with thousands of speakers. Terry Nicholetti is on the “A” list of speakers. She immediately connects with the audience and is engaging, entertaining and enthusiastic. More importantly, her programs are thought provoking, relevant and everyone walks away with valuable nuggets that can be used immediately!  I have referred Terry many times to speak to my clients and without hesitation they have always given her a double thumbs up!  I would highly recommend her!
Arnold Sanow, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Author, “Present with Power, Punch and Pizzazz”


Signature Keynotes

Speak Out, Girlfriend!™ Lessons from a former nun on how to overcome fear and express your brilliance! (The main ideas in Terry’s keynote are expanded in the sessions below.)

Getworking Networking!  First, get more comfortable.  Then get more confidence, more connections and more customers. And never again forget someone’s name four minutes after you’ve met them!

Can’t You Talk Any Faster? I Already Know What I Want to Say! Improve business and personal relationships with active listening.

How Can They Hear Me When My Heart is Pounding? Overcome your fear of speaking by focusing on what’s in it for your audience.

Don’t Tell Me I’m Not a Failure! Uncover and transform your negative, limiting beliefs.

You Can’t Stub Your Toe When You Walk from Your Center. Relieve stress and improve focus using mindfulness.

I Want It But What IS It? Use the Power of Intention to fuel and focus your goals.

These topics can be presented as Keynotes, or as break-out workshop sessions, depending on your needs.I am also available for “habit-forming” mentoring sessions following a presentation.

Terry’s approach to networking is positively liberating! It takes the pressure off and, not only does it work, but it’s the only thing I’ve ever tried that truly works! Her contagious energy, compassion and deep understanding of people releases you to enjoy really connecting with people.
Claude LaVallee, VP of Programming, WIFV_DC (Women in Film and Video)

We asked Terry to address several skills in an interactive, entertaining way for our Administrative Professionals in an all-day program, and she delivered. Her combination of solid information, facilitated activities, and engaging stories, including a performance of her one-woman show, “Zelda Changes Her Tune,” resulted in nearly 90% of our audience rating the value of Terry’s program at “High or Very high.” Her pre-program preparation was evidenced in the specific references to AAMC culture that she sprinkled throughout the presentation, making it even more relevant to our staff. We would definitely welcome Terry back.
Emily Wilson
, Human Resources Specialist
Association of American Medical Colleges

Planner Resources

Terry conducts an extensive pre-program interview to make sure her presentation meets your needs.  We welcome your questions!

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