Success Stories

PHJAYNES2I was recruited to be a speaker at a regional conference and I was nervous about presenting to a large group.  Terry helped me to believe that I could deliver a very relevant and interesting presentation. Her system put me in touch with my own competence – and I nailed it! I couldn’t have done it without her.
Pat Hall Jaynes, SPHR, Founder, CEO, The HR Source



ARNOLDS2Terry Nicholetti is on the “A” list of speakers. I have worked with thousands, and Terry immediately connects with the audience. She is entertaining and enthusiastic, and everyone walks away with valuable nuggets to use right away!  My clients always gave her a double thumbs up! 
Arnold Sanow, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Author, Present with Power, Punch and Pizzazz



CONNIEWILEYThis is so much more than being able to do a power point presentation in front of business associates. (Working with Terry) I am learning to be confident in front of a group and able to overcome my fears of speaking to people in all situations. What a blessing to have met you. I will be transformed working with you. Timing is everything and you showed up when I needed you most.
Connie Wiley, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 



KRISSWI was very stressed out about delivering an upcoming memorial tribute for my best friend, dedicating our community art project of the Yume Tree mural on the outer wall of the 12th St. SE CVS. The occasion was emotional for me, and not helped by a lifelong fear of public speaking. Writing and preparing had helped me deliver passable speeches in the past, so I formed some memories into a story. Still, as the day neared, the words were a struggle and didn’t feel right.

 Terry’s help turned out to be a lifesaver. She taught me how to back out of the struggle with words and get to the intention. She took what I’d written and rearranged it to make the story flow more smoothly. Then, line by line, she listened to where the words felt natural and helped me rework the lines that felt forced or awkward. Her support was warm and generous.  

 Much of this help was the morning of the presentation, and truly transformed the experience. My only regret is waiting until the 11th hour to ask for help. Now that I know how painless Terry’s coaching process is, I’ll definitely book a session much earlier the next time I’m forced up against the wall, er…up onto a podium. Thanks Terry!
Kris Swanson, Founder, Artist in Residence, The Corner Store


Awesome! Your suggestions for re-writes  that placed more emphasis on my clients’ needs were exactly what I needed to hear. Yes to your interviewing me; this will be so useful! Kathleen Loehr, Founder Kathleen Loehr & Associates.


I was about to launch my new website and part of me was feeling fearful about it.  I called Terry and explained how the services I was offering on my site would be revealing about me new information which might be startling to some family and friends.  With immediate clarity, she asked if there was anyone to call ahead about the launch….not for them, not as an excuse, but more of a heads up to help me feel better.  Her question shifted my perspective back to allowing others to perceive what they will.   Her insight helped me move past my fear with ease. Aisha Z. Shael, Metatron-Shael Alchemy: Find the Gold in Your Life Experiences


My phone consultations with Terry always leave me feeling more able to handle whatever I’m experiencing, and to take whatever “next steps” make sense. Terry listens so well, so supportively. It helps just to be on the phone with her and share what I’m feeling. Then she so often can give me a direction that moves me from whatever “stuck” place I might be in, and I leave the call feeling refreshed, relieved, and motivated.  BC,  Higher Education Administration


With humor, skill, and encouragement, Terry helped me identify the limiting beliefs that were blocking me from starting a very challenging project. She helped me to get clear on my purpose, and recognize the rewards of moving forward. She then helped me break the project down into simple steps that became quite doable. I completed the project with time to spare! Patrise Henkel, Affordable E-Marketing for the Solopreneur


Terry is a bundle of energy wrapped up in a  layer of experience and insight!  A real professional who always produces. Just this year, in only five weeks, Terry raised $11,600 in sponsorships and ad sales from Capitol Hill businesses, helping us build and develop this program.  She has also recruited donations of 50 works of art for two of our Art4Art events.  I highly recommend Terry for expert help with marketing and fundraising. Bruce Brennan, Secretary, Theater Alliance, DC


Terry’s approach to networking is positively liberating! It takes the pressure off and, not only does it work, but it’s the only thing I’ve ever tried that truly works! Her contagious energy, compassion and deep understanding of people releases you to enjoy really connecting with people.
Claude LaVallee, VP of Programming, WIFV_DC (Women in Film and Video)


We asked Terry to address several skills in an interactive, entertaining way for our Administrative Professionals in an all-day program, and she delivered. Her combination of solid information, facilitated activities, and engaging stories, including a performance of her one-woman show, “Zelda Changes Her Tune,” resulted in nearly 90% of our audience rating the value of Terry’s program at “High or Very high.” Her pre-program preparation was evidenced in the specific references to AAMC culture that she sprinkled throughout the presentation, making it even more relevant to our staff. We would definitely welcome Terry back.
Emily Wilson, Human Resources Specialist, Association of American Medical Colleges