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  • Are you a busy professional, overwhelmed by everything you have to do?
  • Do you get nervous and maybe even freeze whenever you have to speak in public?
  • Do you secretly put yourself down for not doing or being enough?


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Hi! I’m Terry Rose Nicholetti, a former teaching nun and actor with 35 years experience
in business,
& I LOVE encouraging busy professionals to move mindfully through their Stuck Moments…and even experience joy! I could be your Encouragement Coach.

Do you need an Encouragement Coach?

Take the “Where do You Get Stuck? Quiz”
and see when calling on your very own Encouragement Coach could help you!

__ Do you put off writing projects (proposals, marketing materials, e-newsletters) because you just don’t have time?
__ Do you sometimes feel that you are not sure what you want to say or how to say it?
__ Do you put off attending networking events?
__ Do you forget people’s names right after you meet them?
__ Do you find it awkward to start up conversations or break into an existing group?
__ Do you take home a bunch of business cards and then forget why?
__ Would you like to be more comfortable explaining what you do without sounding “phony or sales-y”?
__ Are you missing opportunities to get the word out about your business?
__ Would you rather have your teeth drilled than speak in public?
__ Do you have projects that you know you need to complete, but you just keep putting them off?
__ Do you feel torn when you have to choose between family and work responsibilities?
__ Do you sometimes just want to call on someone wise with whom you could bounce off ideas or think through a problem?
__Have you heard about mindfulness or meditation and wondered if it could be helpful to you?


For every “yes” you answered, I can help.OWLshutterstock_339441593

My process, Move Through the Moment,
isn’t therapy or coaching;
it’s Wise Encouragement™,
and it will help you to get through your Stuck Moment
and connect with your own inner resources,
including your capacity for joy .
Available to you by phone, Skype or email.

Here’s what two satisfied professionals had to say about working with me:

With humor, skill, and encouragement, Terry helped me identify the limiting beliefs that were blocking me from starting a very challenging project. She helped me to get clear on my purpose, and recognize the rewards of moving forward. She then helped me break the project down into simple steps that became quite doable. I completed the project with time to spare!
Patrise Henkel, Clearwellco.com – Because your online presence should be as brilliant as you are!


It’s rare that you come across a multi-talented entrepreneur like Terry Nicholetti. I was particularly impressed by Terry’s ability to answer my most desperately felt concerns with understanding, compassion, poise, and “right on” responses. And she is able to cut through to what is most important for the success of her clients. As a “Chief Encourager” Terry earns my highest recommendation.
Lyn Sowdon, Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Life Mastery Institute


If you want to explore what it would be like to have your own Encouragement Coach, the next step is for us to chat so we can find out if I”m the right one for you. .

Click here to set up a complimentary “Get Acquainted” session.

During your session, you’ll get a chance to tell me about what you discovered from the “Where Do You Get Stuck?” Quiz. Then we’ll discuss how my Move Through the Moment™ approach can help you. If having me on call as your Encouragement Coach is the right next step, I offer  different packages of Encouraging Moments™ (see below) that might work for you.

In the meantime, if you’d like to read about how I developed the Move Through the Moment™ process and how we would use it on your calls with me, click here.


Encouraging Moment tm packages start with one 50 minute Introduction to Move through the Moment tm, followed by a number of Encouraging Moments.

An Encouraging Moment™ is a time you spend with your Encouragement Coach. I will support you as you mindfully move through your Stuck Moment.

Each Encouraging Moment™ is 25 minutes long. Encouraging Moments are available every half hour on the Online Scheduler. When you buy an economy pack, you may use your Encouraging Moments in any way that suits you. For example you may schedule 2 Moments in a row, when available.

Introduction to Move Through the Moment tm – 50 minutes – $117

One Encouraging Moment™- $ 67

 Economy Packs of Encouraging Moments™

  • Two-pack – $ 117

  • Four-pack – $ 237

  • Six-pack – $ 357

  • Eight-pack – $ 427


 Set up your complimentary “Get Acquainted” session now.

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If you can’t find a time in my Online Scheduler that works for you for our “Get Acquainted” call, contact me and let me know what you need.  If you’re interested in working with me, I’ll find a time that works for both of us.  Click here.

Thanks and blessings,