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Why know your “Big Why”?

What difference could it make to your success if you were comfortable speaking in public? The whole purpose of Speak Out, Girlfriend!™ is to help women (and a few good men!) to overcome any fear or reluctance you have about speaking in public, so you can use this important skill to attract your clients and …

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Build your confidence by getting things “wrong” first!

I used to think that confidence would come when I could get everything to go right, and get myself to do everything perfectly. And of course I never could, so my confidence would come and go. Then I learned something from my dying Fall mum plant. I’ve often described myself as having a brown thumb; …

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Making Peace with Your Inner Rebel

Have you ever “had” to do something that you just didn’t want to do? Silly question, right? But I’m not just talking about the things that most of us find annoying or boring, like paying bills or cleaning the bathroom. I’m talking about “meaningful” things, like getting my newsletter and blog out to you every …

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