Day 3 of “Three Weeks On the Road”

What do I want to do today?  Who would have thought that can be a scary question, when I don’t have a whole list of  “to do’s” (or as dear Michelle James calls them, Ta Da’s!”) to choose from!

I have been so blessed by the sale of my house! And by needing to wait for my new home to become available. I left Monday, after a sweet visit with Mom at her nursing home – and I feel so free! And yet….

I’m staying with a dear friend near Philly, and we’re going to do some work together on Friday. But during the day, I’m on my own, and while it’s delicious to think, “I can do whatever I want today!” I’m noticing that I’m also feeling just a little bit uncomfortable. In my own skin. A little jittery. A little buzzy across my back and shoulders. I’m just with me…no distractions unless I choose one. I guess I’ll find out what kind of company I really am to be with! And I think one of my teachers will be her sweet dog, Misty!

Wow! Now I’m really wondering about that 8 day Silent Retreat I signed up for at the end of April!

Blessings, terry



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