Speak Out, Girlfriend! Where women overcome fear of speaking in public

Hi, everyone!

This is a very exciting time. After a year of soul- searching, and reviewing all the ways I’ve tried to become a business (who remembers Free 2 Do It!),  I’ve figured out the best way that I can be of service to the business and professional  women who mean so much to me. I can help those of you who get nervous when you have to speak in public to overcome your fear, and get confident and comfortable about delivering your message, so you can Speak Out effectively whenever you want your voice to be heard. That’s why I call my new system Speak Out, Girlfriend!

In a few days, my web re-design will be complete, and my first blog/e-zine will be ready to send out to you. From then on, I hope to be a resource you can turn to whenever you need support to Show Up and Speak  Out – in every situation – from introducing yourself to a networking group, to presenting your signature talk about your area of expertise.

Terry as Bessie BluefeldI’ll also let you know when I’m performing; I’d love to see you in the audience! Thanks to David Stuck from the Baltimore Jewish Times for this photo of me in a performance of The Bessie Bluefeld Story.

You’ll be hearing from me very soon, Until then,






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