Little Miracles Amid the Big Move – Day 5

Can’t believe I’m moving out in two days! Got a couple of miracles to report:

I gave my first webinar yesterday for Train HR and it went very well – and I really enjoyed doing it. I’m committed to sharing my Making it Easier™ approach to skill building – which includes gaining personal insight and using empowerment tools before learning the skills, and people are responding very positively!  And here’s the miracle: I was supposed to do a new webinar on March 6, one that I hadn’t completed writing yet (that was going to be yesterday’s task, instead of packing) and I was able to get it postponed until April 3!  What a relief!  I was a little nervous about asking (will they think I’m not “professional” enough?) but no one had signed up yet (it takes time to market a new webinar) so they were fine with it. And I still have one scheduled for March 20, with plenty of time to write that one!  Moral: ask for what you need!

Second miracle: this is one of ease of solution. My daughter borrowed my car (the one I’m going to be living out of for the next 6 weeks!) and the windshield got hit with a small rock – leaving one of those pin holes that grow if you don’t attend to them. Well it turns out I have a collision place right down the street from me, and he was able to take the car this morning, (while my daughter and I both don’t need it) and for quite a nominal fee, it will be repaired by noon. In the old days, (like last winter!) I would have been fretting, Why did this happen just when I have all this other work and packing to do? Or even worse, What is wrong with my vibration that I’m attracting this bad thing into my life? This time, I was able to apply some of the new lessons: Stuff happens. I can choose how to respond. What good can come from this situation? E.g. I got in a beautiful extra walk this morning before my DC Chamber workshop, and the repair man is going to put my new registration on the wind shield for me, a task I struggle with every year! Moral: life is so much more enjoyable if I can “go with the flow.” At least most of the time!! And if I don’t beat myself up when I can’t. Blessings dear ones.

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