New identity for an old soul

Have you ever felt like something was missing when you tried to tell people who you are or what you do?

Heroes & Fireflies Launch

Here’s why I’m asking. This afternoon, I’m bringing my new business cards, with my new logo and new website url to my friends Mali and Misti’s book launch celebration, Heroes and Fireflies, at the National Press Club…and for the first time ever, as I’m telling people at a networking event who I am and what I do professionally, I will feel completely true, completely authentic, and completely reflecting my deepest self.

Not that I ever told a lie in my “elevator speech.” I really was a program director, or a playwright/actor, or a sales and marketing expert (25+ years!), or a trainer. But each time, I felt like something was missing – like I had to leave something of myself out in order to be successful at whatever I was doing. How can I run an Alcoholism Peer Education program when I’m trying to write my book?  How can I write my next play when I’m focused on selling enough subscriptions to meet this years goal? How can I make enough money to support myself if I’m feeling called to perform my moving but not very lucrative one-woman show? Even as I began to build my own business as a speaker/trainer, I focused on the topics of sales and networking because that’s what the market needed and would buy.

What was the “something that was missing?” Recovering from my experiences as the oldest daughter in an alcoholic family, I had become a life-long student of spiritual principles and human development. So I kept asking the Universe to show me my life’s purpose,  my own answer to “who am I and what do I do?” After over 40 years of searching, exploring, trying things on and leaving things behind, I got my answer. My life’s purpose is bigger than any one job, or business or creative project.  My life’s purpose flows from my passion, which is simply to encourage moments of joy in myself and others.  The business identity part of my life’s purpose was in process of emerging in every single position I ever held, or business I ever tried, or creative endeavor I ever undertook – all of which have prepared me for this identity. They have taught me the languages of sales and marketing, non-profits, and creativity because I’ve lived and worked in each of those “geographies.”

Terry's new logo

So those are the geographies where I’ll go to introduce myself – I’m Terry Nicholetti, America’s More-than-Motivational Speaker. My company is Empowering Works™ and I help people unleash their passion for positive action so they can get unstuck and get going on their dreams and their lives. The skills I teach are very practical in the arenas of sales, networking, communication, public speaking, and creativity. What makes me unique is that I know how to engage my audience at a deep level, with humor and stories, so they can connect with their authentic selves as they learn these skills. I infuse my work with joy!

May I ask who you are?

With love and blessings,

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