More About Making Friends with Your Inner Critic

Do you remember an earlier article about Taming Your Inner Critic? Did you get a sense that it was going to take a bit more than one article to help you with this process? Well you were right!

It’s actually taken quite a while for Zelda, my Inner Critical Judge, and me to begin to work together. Now she’s more of a Gentle Nudge. We’re actually becoming friends!

And she’s asked me to let her help me share this process with you.

So today I’m very excited to introduce you to my new video series: Zelda’s GoldStar Magic Minute. During each article, Zelda will get one minute to share a tip with you about making friends with your Inner Critic. Here’s Number One!

So why is Zelda suggesting that you name your Inner Critic? Because, as she said, our Inner Critics serves a purpose. She is trying to keep us on task and out of trouble; she’s just not going about in the best way. So if we’re going to “retrain” her, we need to build a relationship with her. And a good way to start that is by knowing her name.

So, the next time you hear that harsh voice, take a breath, and another, and try saying something like, “I know you’re trying to help. But it’s not working. So how about if we try something different. Working together. So would you mind telling me  your name?”

Then, just listen, and see what she says. You might be surprised.

And in two weeks, Zelda and I will suggest what you can do next!

Much love and many blessings,



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