LIghts, Camera, Action!

Last week I had a chance to add positive energy to the world, and I
blew it. I’m not going to beat myself up (too much!) but I would like to
learn from this experience, and maybe you can too.

I was getting a quick supper at our local Sizzling Express when a camera
man from WUSA Channel 9 (CBS) appeared. They were doing a story on
“credible threats” that terrorists were going to poison food in salad
bars to kill Americans and disrupt the economy. He asked me what I
thought about this, and would I comment on camera.

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m a performer and public speaker for a reason – I
do love an audience. But I wish I had taken a moment to check in with
Source/Spirit before I spoke. I said, “I don’t like all this fear stuff
that keeps coming at us. Be afraid of this; be afraid of that. I will go
about my business, be as careful as I can, but I don’t like it.” I
suddenly realized how negative I was being, so I added, “I will pray for
them.” That line got cut from the clip.

When I watched the clip on the WUSA website streaming video, I felt sad.
Why didn’t I say something about acknowledging the fear, and then
holding a positive vision of how we would like things to be – a world
where everyone is so in touch with their spiritual, true nature that no
one needs to harm another to feel ok. I admit, that’s a BHAG (big, hairy
audacious goal), but I truly believe in the notion that if we focus on
what is, we’ll get more of the same. The only way change can come is
from accepting with love what is, looking for aspects that we can enjoy
and appreciate right now, and then shifting our thoughts and feelings to
focus on how we want things to be.

Next time I’m invited to speak on camera, or maybe next time I even open
my mouth, may I remember this lesson. May we all be blessed with the
Light and love promised by this sacred season.

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