Presentation Coach

What if you’re afraid of public speaking, and you have to make a speech?

Are you:

  • a professional responsible for presenting ongoing reports
  • the leader of a team of “non-sales personnel” responsible for delivering Orals that will win you a government contract
  • a business person who gets nervous when making your “elevator speech” to a group, or even to one person,
  • an entrepreneur who could expand your products and marketing with public speaking?

Imagine creating and delivering these presentations with ease and success!

There’s a lot of great information out there about how to speak in public. But here’s the thing – Even if you learn all the presentation skills taught since Demosthenes first yelled at the ocean through a mouthful of marbles, your fear of speaking in public can keep you from making a fabulous presentation.

I’m Terry Nicholetti, a professional actor/playwright with over 30 years experience in business marketing, and I know that you can learn to speak to your audience (of one or one hundred) with comfort, confidence, and even, dare I say…joy. I promise! My Speak Out! System™  is based on my belief that we can make successful, effective and enjoyable presentations  when we uncover our blocks, connect with who we truly are underneath the fear, combine that knowledge with some tried-and-true skills, and take that whole package to our audience. That’s how we free ourselves to Speak Out!

Fear, especially unrecognized, unexamined fear, freezes our ability to access our own creative energy. What I offer is a special and deep understanding of how to transform your fear, and use that same energy to empower your speech and wow your audience. Terry Nicholetti

It has been very helpful to me to think of all my frozen fear memories as a scared little girl who lives deep inside me.  As I began giving her a voice, and listening to what she had to say, I was better able to connect with those fears and soften them up, so I could transform their energy into a sense of my own power. I think of it as introducing that scared little girl to the competent adult women I already am. Working together, the two of us are unstoppable!

I’d like to introduce you to your “scared little girl inside,” and help the “two of you” to become friends, so you can be unstoppable too!

As a presentations coach, I specialize in working with professional women and entrepreneurs who have valuable products and messages to take to the marketplace. As we work together, you will learn how to:

  • understand how to overcome your own discomfort with public speaking by  focusing on “what’s in it for the audience,”
  • find your own conversational style, even while presenting what could be very technical information,
  • show up as your authentic self, attracting your audience to the truth of your message,
  • make sure you and your audience have a deeply enjoyable experience.

Here’s what clients are saying:

I was recruited to present at a national conference and I was very nervous about speaking in front of a group. Terry made me believe I could do it. Her system put me in touch with my own competence – and I nailed it! I couldn’t have done it without her.
Pat Hall Jaynes, SPHR
Founder, CEO

A Fortune 200 company had exactly three days to prepare for the presentation of a half-billion dollar proposal to a large, metropolitan transportation agency. Here’s what their Proposal Manager provided as feedback from the team.

You were instrumental in driving home the key messages.  All felt they were much better prepared because of your participation.   Everyone recognized the Herculean effort that was required to pull this presentation off and greatly appreciated your input and direction.
MLK, Proposal Manager
A Fortune 200 Company

How can we work together?

If you would like to work with me in person, we can book a half-day (3 hours)  or even a full-day (six hours with a lunch break) at your site.  This is particularly effective when you are working on a specific presentation and would like to be sure you’ve “nailed it.”

Does this sound like something that could make a difference in your business or professional life? I invit you to email me today to arrange a “Get acquainted” phone call. Together we’ll find out if it makes sense for you to work with me on your fabulous presentation, your tough decision, or your unique message.

Email: [email protected]