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Who you are

You are a hard-working professional woman, who is really committed to your career, or you are an entrepreneur who has grown a successful business. You know that you could expand your reputation as an expert in your career and attract more clients  if you spoke at networking events and conferences.

You think of yourself as more of an introvert. You tend to let others be the “stars” even though you know you have something of value to share about your work. You are passionate about how your work can make a difference in people’s lives, especially if your business is based on a product or system you developed.

You care about your community and participate in fund-raising networking events. You know there are also professional conferences that it would be very good for you not only to attend but to participate as a presenter.

You know that professional development is important, and you are very willing to spend your time, energy and financial resources if you can see how the results will make a difference in your success.


What your issues tend to be

It makes you nervous to even think about speaking in public. This isn’t just about “making a speech.” You may even get nervous when you’re about to meet someone new, and are not sure what to talk about.

As an intelligent professional woman, you have something worthwhile to share, but you hesitate to speak up at meetings. As an entrepreneur, your successful business is based on an idea or product that fuels your passion, but you just don’t feel confident speaking as an expert in your field.

What surprises you is that you might be quite comfortable speaking in some situations, and then get incredibly nervous in others. You know you could be presenting at networking events and professional conferences, but you are reluctant to put yourself in those situations.

You’ve probably tried to learn how to create an introduction or “elevator speech” that you can use when you are given the traditional “30 seconds to introduce yourself. But you don’t like feeling “sales-y” and might even forget the speech you’ve worked out.

The thought of your presenting a Signature Talk, based on your expertise and your business, seems almost impossible. You are filled with expertise that could be very valuable to your audiences, but you just can’t get over the reluctance to put yourself “on stage.”

If we’re really being honest here, sometimes you feel a sense of inadequacy and self–doubt that affects more than just your ability to speak in public. There may be “flaws” or imperfections that you see in yourself, and would just rather no one else could see. At the same time, you sometimes feel uncertain about your own unique talents.

You believe in spending time, energy and resources on personal and professional development, and you have funds for such investments, but you want to choose carefully and be certain that you will benefit from the program.


What you need most right now

What you need right now is a solution that allows you to free up the energy that is trapped by your fears. This will allow you to experience a shift from nervousness to confidence in your own competence, and will make speaking at networking events and conferences seem quite do-able. What may surprise you is that this process will also increase joy in your work and life experiences!

You need a 30 second introduction or “elevator speech” that will work for those times when you are actually introducing yourself to a group. But it’s important to craft it in such a way that you have the phrases available to you for a real conversation with new prospects, so you don’t sound rehearsed or “sales-y.”

And you need to begin the process of crafting a 30-minute presentation that will showcase your expertise while delivering tremendous value to your audience.

There are nine steps you can take to help you transform your nervousness and speak out at networking events and conferences as the confident, competent, expert business and professional woman you are. They are the nine steps of the

Speak Out, Girlfriend! System

Nine Steps to get from Fearful to Fabulous

SET YOUR INTENTION: The first step is to set your intention, to explore why it matters to you to overcome your nervousness. Why is it worth it to make an investment of time, energy and financial resources? Another way to ask this is, why do you care about this? Because, as Noralee learns in my children’s book, Noralee’s Adventures on Planet Ifwee, if we care, it’s magic!

SIT IN THE MOMENT: Next you need to learn how to be with the feelings of nervousness rather than run away from them by avoiding situations that could be important to your career or your business. Cultivating the skill of “being in the present moment” immediately to transform the feelings you were trying to avoid.

SEE WHAT’S GETTING IN THE WAY: Your primary focus needs to be a gentle inquiry into the source of your nervousness and fears. Fear is often the result of limiting beliefs that we store in our brains from early experiences. You need the relief that comes from understanding how our brains work, how storing limiting beliefs can actually freeze our potential to take positive action. And you need to learn a couple of tools to begin discovering the limiting beliefs you may have stored over the years.

START TRANSFORMING LIMITING BELIEFS: Here’s the really good news: by simply becoming aware of your limiting beliefs, you can begin the process of freedom from your fears. Then you need to learn a couple of tools that will allow you to transform those limiting beliefs, and replace them with the truth of your own possibilities.

SPEAK THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE:  Get very clear about the value that you bring to the table. View your authentic self with honesty, compassion, and courage, so you will bring this self with you when you show up in public. Come to recognize your unique talents and how they may have been squashed by early childhood experiences.

SYMPATHIZE WITH YOUR LISTENER OR AUDIENCE: Learn how to put the focus on your listener or audience. When you speak about your business in a way that focuses on the needs of your listener, you inspire them to want to know more about you and what you have to offer. Put this awareness into the wording of your prepared introduction.

SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE: Think about what you have to offer to your audience, and how your wisdom and knowledge can make a difference in their lives. What is the “skeleton” of your body of work?

SELECT YOUR STORIES: Stories make the difference between talks that are dry and even boring, and those that engage your audience. Learn how to recall and select those compelling stories that will enhance your presentation.

SHINE! Learn a few simple acting/presentation techniques that will help you feel more comfortable in your body as your speak to your audience. This will allow your own brilliance, from deep within you, to shine forth, enlighten your audience and create a valuable, enjoyable experience. They will see you as an expert that they can count on.

Here is an example of what an introduction sounds like when based on these steps:

Hi, I’m Terry Nicholetti and you can find me at I work with women in business who are nervous when they have to give a presentation or even introduce themselves. They’d like to get over it, because they know they are missing opportunities to attract more business. One of my clients told me, “I’m glad you’re not like other speaking coaches. You helped me realize I had everything I needed inside me before you taught skills. I nailed my presentation!” Want to know more? Go to (27 seconds!)


This is not a “one time and you’re done” process. Rather it’s discovering YOUR BRILLIANCE so you can experience confidence, competence, and even joy when showing up and speaking out!


Here’s what you can expect to experience from The Speak Out, Girlfriend! System.™

  • Get clear on your intention, the “why” that will become a powerful source of courage for this process.
  • Understand how your brain stores fears and how to release them.
  • Expand your capacity to “sit” with your feelings and move through them. (This practice is also great for stress relief!”)
  • Experience the relief that comes from recognizing your limiting beliefs.
  • Become skilled at transforming the limiting beliefs into positive energy.
  • Describe your unique qualities and talents in ways that empower you and motivate others to want to work with you.
  • Develop an introduction or “elevator speech” that focuses on how you meet the needs of your clients, and forms the foundation for comfortable, effective conversations with prospects.
  • Explore what aspects of your expertise would be perfect to share in a presentation at a networking event or conference.
  • Discover personal stories that will enhance your talk, and engage your audience.
  • Prepare a value-packed, 30-minute Signature Talk that reflects how your expertise serves your clients; one that you can offer at networking events or expand to deliver at professional conferences..
  • Learn how to frame your message to fit your audience.
  • Learn a few, simple acting techniques that will boost your confidence when you are “on stage.”
  • Taste the joy of beginning to feel more comfortable and confident when showing up and speaking out.

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