Family Development through Caring Communication™

With NoraLee's story and the Family Pen-Pal Kit™, you'll have everything you need to make GoldStar Magic™ with your family and others who love you. Take a look!

NoraLee's Adventures on Planet Ifwee

Written in rhyming couplets, this 32 page, full-color illustrated book introduces NoraLee Johnson, who is ten years old. NoraLee does not like cleaning, and really misses her grandparents who have just moved away from her home town. She hides out in her favorite tree when her mother calls for her to come and help out with chores.

NoraLee gets a surprise visit from space traveler Loofi Mondel, age eleven, a resident of the Planet Ifwee, where the motto is, “If we care, it’s magic!” Their adventure changes NoraLee’s point of view about doing chores when she learns about GoldStar Magic™. And she decides to keep in touch with her grandparents in a very special way– by becoming Family Pen-Pals!

Delightfully illustrated by award-winning artist, Annie Campbell, the book includes questions to help families talk about the story and decide how they are going to make some GoldStar Magic™ as they take care of themselves and their homes.

The Family Pen-Pal Kit™

The Family Pen-Pal kit™ provides a fun way for young people and grown-ups to practice GoldStar Magic!™ Once your family decides what you care about and what "chores" will be done, the children can write about what they've done that they're proud of on the top half of the Two-way Postal Cards™. They can send the cards to grandparents or other adults who live elsewhere. The chosen "family pen-pal can keep the top half of the Two-way Postal Card™ and send back encouraging words on the bottom half. And everyone can enjoy the download of the inspiring, upbeat Ifwee Song! By reading, writing, talking, listening to music, and sending love through the U.S. mail, family members can build self-esteem, get closer together, improve family literacy, and even have some fun.

That's GoldStar Magic!™


  • 6 uniquely designed Two-way Postal Cards™
  • Gold star stickers for the children to put on the postal cards and elsewhere
  • Clear sealers to seal the postal cards
  • A link to a special page on this website where you can download an inspiring, upbeat, recording of The IfweeSong, composed and produced by award-winning song writer Jan Nigro with Terry Nicholetti; sung by Jan, members of the Vitamin L Children's Chorus, and guest jazz singer Peggy Haine.

Family Workshops
Grow Yo K.I.T! – Grownups and Young People Keeping in Touch

In this interactive workshop, author/educator (and grandmother!) Terry Nicholetti will show grownups and young people how to use GoldStar Magic!Ô to build self-esteem and keep in touch.  Click here for more details and information on how to schedule a workshop for your school, church, or family-centered program.

Here are some suggestions of how GoldStar Magic™ can work for you and your family:

  • Start by reading together NoraLee’s Adventures on Planet Ifwee.
  • Use the questions at the end of the book to talk about the story.
  • Discuss how each of you is going to help take care of yourself and your family. Think about what chores you might do together and how you will encourage one another.
  • Try listening to The Ifwee Song while you’re doing your chores – it’s much more fun that way!
  • Use the top half of the Two-way Postal Card™ to write or draw a picture about what you've done, and add lots of gold stars to show how proud you are.
  • Send the card to a grandparent or other grown-up who loves you. They can use the bottom half of the card to write back encouraging words to you.

We hope you and your family will share lots of GoldStar Magic moments. Blessings to you!

Note: We suggest that if you are giving the kit as a gift, you pre-apply first class stamps to the Two-way Postal Cards™ to make it easier for the young person to use them.

Who can use GoldStar Magic™ Family Pen-Pal Kits™?

Parents and guardians can give the kit to their children (pre-k and up) and encourage them to keep in touch with special grown-ups who live elsewhere, including divorced and separated parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles. These special grown-ups can also send the kits as a message that they want to get closer and be encouraging.

Teachers, family development agencies, Head Start, and family literacy programs can use the kits with their clients to encourage self-esteem, communication and family literacy. The US Postal Service could offer the kit in their retail stores.

We hope you'll want to make some GoldStar Magic!™ by ordering NoraLee's Adventures on Planet Ifwee and the Family Pen-Pal Kit™ today! Click Here for ordering information.


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