I'm Terry Nicholetti, Creator and Chief Encourager of GoldStar Magic!™, and I have a question for you.

Have you or other family members ever put off doing something you know is important - like cleaning or paying bills or even bigger chores and challenges - because it's too boring or too difficult?

What if you could magically turn life's chores and challenges into an opportunity for your family to feel really proud, get closer together, and even have some fun? We think you can, when you use GoldStar Magic!™ And we're developing books, kits, and workshops to show you how, beginning with NoraLee's Adventures on Planet Ifwee.

NoraLee Johnson is 10 years old, and lives with her mother, her little brother Toby, and her cat Twinkle. Her grandparents recently moved away, and she misses them a lot. And she hates doing chores!
  Loofi Mondel is from the Planet Ifwee, about a bazillion-and-one miles away from Earth. Ifwee's motto is, "If we care, it's magic!" Loofi was passing by Earth one day, and stopped to visit with NoraLee."

NoraLee travels with Loofi to Planet Ifwee, where she learns all about GoldStar Magic!™ from his family and friends. You and your family can too! Go to Products to check out NoraLee's Adventures on Planet Ifwee and learn how to put GoldStar Magic!™ into practice with the help of the Family Pen-Pal Kit.™ Go to History if you'd like to learn more about how GoldStar Magic!™ was developed.  Click here for information on the GoldStar Magic!™ Family Workshops for your school, church or family-centered program.


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