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I'm Terry Nicholetti, creator and Chief Encourager of GoldStar Magic!,™ and I'd like to tell you why I'm so excited about our mission -  family development through caring communication. We encourage families to build self-esteem, strengthen communication, and improve family literacy. We do this by introducing them to a new way to take on life's everyday chores and challenges - a magical way that turns them into opportunities to feel really proud, get closer together, and even have some fun. How did I discover GoldStar Magic!™ and why do I care so much about sharing it with you?

Taking care of daily chores, especially when I was tired or didn't feel like it, was something I had rebelled against most of my life. From scrubbing the toilets as a teenager, to paying bills as a young adult, I had a battle on my hands every time!

Then, with the help of child development professional Constance Hendrickson, DSW, I realized that I do have the power inside myself to get each of these things done in a joyful, successful way, if I take the time to understand what good it will do, and why I care about it. Then, when I do something to help take care of myself, my family, or someone else, I need to give myself lots of praise and "gold stars." And finally, if I tell someone whom I love about what I am working on, we can encourage one another. In other words, "if we care, it's magic!"

For years, I'd been trying to boil all these words down into three simple steps, and I think I finally got it:

1.    CARE what you do.
2.    DARE to be proud.
3.    SHARE it with someone you love!

That's GoldStar Magic!™

It all began with my granddaughters...

During the same period that I was learning how to take care of the daily chores in my own life, I was missing my three three wonderful granddaughters, Keela, Chantelle, and Olivia, because I had moved away from our home town. Keela had just won an award at school, and I wrote to congratulate her. At the same time, I wanted to encourage her two sisters. So I developed the Two-way Postal Card™. The girls would use the top half to write and tell me when they were proud of something they had done. Then I used the bottom half of the card to write back some encouraging words. Sometimes I wrote first to share one of my accomplishments; I loved when they wrote back to say how proud they were of me!

The idea for the Family Pen-Pal Kit™ came to me when I decided that I wanted to share this process with other families. I realized that becoming family pen-pals was a great way to expand the encouragement aspect of the GoldStar Magic™ process. By using the Two-way Postal Cards™, we can grow our circle of "encouragers" beyond the family members who live with us.

At first I was going to write a booklet to explain the process. But one morning, I awoke thinking of a little girl named NoraLee who didn't like doing her chores and missed her grandparents. A year later, I finished writing NoraLee's Adventures on Planet Ifwee.

I decided on the name “GoldStar Magic™,” for the process, because it seems to magically transform life’s everyday chores into opportunities for powerful benefits, especially for the young people in the family:

  • When we do something because we want to help take care of ourselves, our families, or someone else, it becomes an opportunity to feel really proud of ourselves.
  • When family members work together and encourage one another, chores can be a way to get closer together and even have some fun.
  • When young people are proud of something they've done to help, and write to grandparents or other grown-ups to tell their "GoldStar Magic™ Stories," they not only increase their "circle of encouragers," but also strengthen family literacy skills.

By sharing “GoldStar Magic Moments”™ with family members near and far, our power to make things happen gets even stronger, and the whole family gets GoldStar Magic™! To learn more about NoraLee's Adventures on Planet Ifwee and the GoldStar Magic™ Family Pen-Pal Kits™, please go to Products .

Blessings to all of you!


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